NSF funding to Meier lab!

July 8, 2016
Meier Lab Members

Congratulations to Iris Meier, whose grant entitled "Function and mechanism of action of plant-specific LINC complexes in pollen tube and guard cell biology” has been funded by the National Science Foundation for three years.

NSF funding to Slotkin lab!

July 8, 2016
Slotkin Lab Members - 2015

Congratulations to Keith Slotkin, whose grant entitled "Re-evaluating Mechanisms of RNA-mediated Initiation of Transposable Element Silencing in Plants” has been funded by the National Science Foundation for three years. Dr.

Interdisciplinary Graduate Program Symposium

May 19, 2016
Reshma Davidson
The annual symposium of the Ohio State Interdisciplinary Programs was held on May 19th, featuring talks and posters from OSU faculty and students and postdocs.
Congratulations to the following students from Molecular Genetics labs who gave outstanding performances at

RNA Biology/ CMBP symposium a success

May 12, 2016
RNA Biology/CMBP Symposium flyer

The Center for RNA Biology (CRB) and the Cellular, Molecular, and Biochemical Sciences Program (CMBP) at Ohio State hosted their annual symposium on May 11th, featuring talks and posters from OSU faculty, students and postdocs, and plen

Where Rocks are Fed to Trees

April 20, 2016
Where Rocks Are Fed To Trees Flier
We invite you to experience Where Rocks are Fed to Trees, an art installation inspired by the subterranean, fungal communication networks that enable the sharing and transport of nutrients between different species.