Somers Lab NIH Funding

October 1, 2015
David Somers
Congratulations to David Somers whose R01 grant "Post-translational control mechanisms of the circadian clock" has been funded by the NIH for four years.

Hamel Lab DOE funding

September 1, 2015
Patrice Hamel

Congratulations to Patrice Hamel, whose grant titled "Thiol-based pathways in the thylakoid lumen and their role in photoprotection" has been funded by the DOE for three years.

Simcox to serve as NSF program director

September 1, 2015
Amanda Simcox

Congratulations to Amanda Simcox, who will serve as a rotating Program Director at the NSF next year. She will work with the Division of Biological Infrastructure which funds undergraduate and graduate training programs.