About Us

The Department of Molecular Genetics is devoted to exploring questions in genetics, molecular biology, cell biology and developmental biology using viruses, fungi, plants, and animals, with strengths in model organisms and genetic systems.

Our department represents a diverse group of researchers and teachers who are striving to understand fundamental issues in biology. Students in our programs develop the essential skills and knowledge that will enable them to tackle future exciting problems in biology.

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The Mission of the Department of Molecular Genetics is to: 

  • Perform outstanding research in molecular, cellular, and developmental genetics and genomics using a diversity of established and emerging models and systems;
  • Provide and develop evidence-based education and training for our undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral scholars and research staff that prepares them for future careers and as the next generation of critical thinkers and community members; 
  • Promote interdisciplinary collaborations via joint faculty and participation in Centers and Institutes that connect departments and colleges across the university; 
  • Perform service to the university and the scientific community, and the general public;
  • Engage with the general public through outreach;
  • Promote and sustain an inclusive environment that fosters belonging, creativity, and equity by respecting and welcoming all backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas. 


All of our faculty participate in educating undergraduate and graduate students both in the classroom and through their research programs. The faculty members have strong records of funding from national agencies. We publish papers in the top journals and are invited to present research at national and international meetings; several faculty members are recipients of national research awards. The outstanding reputation of our research has translated into excellent undergraduate and graduate programs that provide state of the art preparation for careers in modern biology.