Graduate Student Association

The Molecular Genetics Graduate Student Association (MGGSA) plays multiple roles, both professional and social, in graduate student life.  The MGGSA provides a direct mechanism for student representation on matters of policy and governance. 
1. At the Departmental level, the President of the MGGSA attends the monthly faculty meetings and is a standing, voting member of the Graduate Studies Committee. This gives students direct access and input into policy and decisions made by the Molecular Genetics faculty.  
2. At the University level, members of the MGGSA can run for election to be a delegate or senator on the Council of Graduate Students (CGS). This organization is the student government for the 11,000+ graduate students at The Ohio State University, and provides student input to many University organizations, including the University Senate, the Council on Research and Graduate Studies, and the Graduate School. Molecular Genetics currently has 1 seat on CGS, and all Molecular Genetics graduate students should participate in the annual elections to select their representative.
3. The MGGSA also coordinates social events to encourage faculty and student interactions, including the annual welcome party and several holiday events.

2018 Officers

  • Co-Presidents – Derek Boehm and Ashton Holub