Biological Sciences Greenhouse Fund (Fund: 640470)

Completed in September 1993, The Biological Sciences Greenhouse Facility houses an insectary, a quarantine facility, two research laboratories, a growth chamber area and a preparation room in addition to teaching and research greenhouse space. The facility has 15,120 square feet under glass divided into 24 individual computer controlled environments to allow optimal research and teaching opportunities. There are ten 10'X12' zones, five 20'X24' zones, eight 24'X40' zones and one 24'X80' zone each with perimeter hot water heat, hot and cold water, fertilizer injected water, metal halide high intensity discharge lights, and evaporative cooling.

The 4.98 million dollar facility supports the National Arabidopsis Resource Center (ABRC), a USFWS Plant Rescue Center, the Conservatory growing more than 1200 tropical and desert plant species, and the Insectary rearing 130 species of insects and arthropods.

Established in 2013, with gifts from the Waller family, other donors, and friends is used to
defray expenses in the Biological Sciences Greenhouse Facility.
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