Molecular Genetics Code of Conduct

Molecular Genetics Departmental Code of Conduct

The Department of Molecular Genetics is committed to creating a supportive, respectful, and inclusive environment that allows all members of our community to thrive. To forward this goal, our community expects everyone to follow a set of principles for interactions with others. We call on community members to be especially mindful in instances where imbalances in status, rank, and/or standing may exist.

  • Support. We are committed to creating an environment that is safe and nurturing for all community members. Each of us has the responsibility to support the safety and professional development of our community.
  • Respect. We will treat all community members with respect and civility.
  • Inclusion. We will establish and maintain a supportive and inclusive community culture that embraces differences. We will value everyone’s individual contributions and treat one another fairly and without bias. 

Prohibited actions include:

  1. Discrimination in violation of policies set forth by The Ohio State University, Federal, State, and local law including, but not limited to, discrimination based on age, ancestry, color, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity or expression, genetic information, HIV/AIDS status, military status, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, protected veteran status, or any other bases under the law. 
  2. Sexual harassment or harassment based on the protected classes listed in (1).
  3. Physical contact with others without consent, or threats of such contact.
  4. Behavior that is disrespectful or uncivil towards others, whether spoken, written, emailed, or posted on social media. Such behaviors include bullying, belittling, offensive jokes or stereotypes, personal attacks or insults, or any threatening display of dissatisfaction. 

The Department of Molecular Genetics, in line with our DEI mission statement, is committed to creating an environment where diversity, equity, and inclusion are institutionalized values that are supported and practiced so that all members of our community can thrive and contribute to their highest potential. This code of conduct serves as a tool for supporting and practicing these values. We fully support the University Shared Values Initiative, the College of Arts and Sciences commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and the Office of Institutional Equity’s commitment to creating a university-wide environment that is equitable, fair, and just, where harassment, discrimination, and sexual misconduct are never tolerated.

This Code of Conduct is meant to complement existing university, state, and federal regulations. The department will promptly address reported violations through appropriate university channels. If you have experienced or witnessed a potential violation, please click here for support resources and reporting information.

Online Resources

In formulating the Molecular Genetics Code of Conduct, we referred to many online resources internal and external to Ohio State. We found the UC Berkeley Department of Molecular and Cell Biology Code of Conduct a particularly useful template and acknowledge their important work.