2021 Falkenthal

May 17, 2021

2021 Falkenthal

Falkenthal symposium awardees 2021

The annual Falkenthal Graduate Research Colloquium was held on May 14, with members of the 3rd and 5th year graduate student classes giving research presentations. We also enjoyed a wonderful research presentation from John Moran, the Gilbert S. Omenn Collegiate Professor of Human Genetics at University of Michigan. Dr. Moran earned his MS in Molecular Genetics from OSU in 1990. We appreciate the great turnout for this virtual event (including Dr. Philip Perlman, who was the founding Chair of the Department on Molecular Genetics, and who is now a Senior Scientific Officer at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute). We congratulate all the presenters on the quality of their work and their presentations. Special thanks go to Aman Husbands and Ruben Petreaca for organizing the event!

The following awards were given out at the end of the day


Graduate Teaching award to Elizabeth Regedanz (Bisaro lab) for her efforts in Molgen4500
Graduate Teaching award to Ankita Das (Hamel lab) for her efforts in Molgen3300
Graduate Teaching award to Marcos Corchado (Chamberlin lab, not shown) for his efforts in Molgen4606

Excellence in service award to Priscila Rodriquez (Herman lab) for her efforts in graduate program recruitment

Second place talk in the 3rd year to Geremy Lerma (Amacher lab)
First place talk in the 3rd year to Jacob Panten (Goldman lab)

Best talk in the 5th year to Zhongxia Yi (Singh lab)

Congratulations to everyone involved!