Falkenthal Symposium a success!

June 1, 2015
Dr. Miyoung Chun

The annual Falkenthal symposium was held May 22nd, with presentations from Molecular Genetics Graduate Students, and a keynote address from Dr. Miyoung Chun,  Executive Vice President of Science Programs at The Kavli Foundation. Dr. Chun received her Ph.D. from the Molecular Genetics program in 1990, and was a graduate student in Scott Falkenthal's lab. While all the student presentations were great, we would like to acknowledge Kiel Tietz (Amacher lab) 1st place in the third year, Rebecca Hennessy (Christin Burd lab), 2nd place in the third year, Yihua Zhu (Wu lab) first place in the fifth year, and Kanu Wahi (Cole lab) 2nd place in the fifth year.