Graduate Fellowships to students in Molecular Genetics

August 21, 2019
Zhongxia Yi and Swetha Rajasekaran both were awarded new fellowships this year

The department would like to recognize the following graduate students who were supported by new fellowship support in the past year:

  • Zhongxia Yi (Molecular Genetics student, Singh Lab): Pelotonia Graduate fellowship
  • Swetha Rajasekaran (Molecular Genetics student, Miles Lab): Center for RNA Biology Fellowship
  • Clariss Wormsbaecher OSBP student, Craig Burd lab): Pelotonia Graduate fellowship
  • Natalie Aloi (MCDB student, Amacher lab): University Fellowship
  • Pallavi Chandna (First year Molecular Genetics student): University Fellowship
  • Mowei Li (First year Molecular Genetics student): University Fellowship
  • Shobhana Rajasenan (Molecular Genetics student, Osmani Lab): Distinguished University Fellowship

Shobhana Rajasenan

We would also like to recognize current students who are in a second or later year of a multi-year fellowship

  • Marcos Corchado (Molecular Genetics student, Chamberlin Lab) Pelotonia
  • Geremy Lerma (Molecular Genetics student, Amacher lab) CMBP training program
  • Caleb Embree (Molecular Genetics student, Singh lab) CMBP training program
  • Kristen Navarro (Molecular Genetics student, Chamberlin Lab) CMBP training program

Photo of graduate student Marcos Corchado