Molecular Genetics Fellowships and Scholarships awarded

June 11, 2019
Rui Wang

We are delighted to congratulate the recipiants of the following Molecular Genetics Fellowships and Scholarships:

Herta Camerer Gross Summer postdoctoral fellowship:

  • Dr. Rui Wang; Mentor Anna Dobritsa

Herta Camerer Gross  postdoctoral travel fellowship

  • Dr. Jared Talbot; Mentor Sharon Amacher

Thomas J Byers Memorial Scholarships:

  • Lav Patel; Mentor: Rick Fishel
  • Jill Teitelbaum; Mentor: Susan Cole

Elizabeth Wagner Scholarships:

  • Joe Beljan; Mentor: Sharon Amacher
  • Adam Helton; Mentor: Anna Dobritsa

Jim Hopper Memorial Undergraduate Research Awards:

  • Fuad Abbas; Mentor: Guramrit Singh
  • Ravi Patel; Mentor: Wayne Miles
  • Peter Rollins; Mentor: Ruben Petreaca

You can read more about these funds at our giving page