Molecular Genetics Fellowships and Scholarships awarded

June 11, 2019

Molecular Genetics Fellowships and Scholarships awarded

Rui Wang

We are delighted to congratulate the recipiants of the following Molecular Genetics Fellowships and Scholarships:

Herta Camerer Gross Summer postdoctoral fellowship:

  • Dr. Rui Wang; Mentor Anna Dobritsa

Herta Camerer Gross  postdoctoral travel fellowship

  • Dr. Jared Talbot; Mentor Sharon Amacher

Thomas J Byers Memorial Scholarships:

  • Lav Patel; Mentor: Rick Fishel
  • Jill Teitelbaum; Mentor: Susan Cole

Elizabeth Wagner Scholarships:

  • Joe Beljan; Mentor: Sharon Amacher
  • Adam Helton; Mentor: Anna Dobritsa

Jim Hopper Memorial Undergraduate Research Awards:

  • Fuad Abbas; Mentor: Guramrit Singh
  • Ravi Patel; Mentor: Wayne Miles
  • Peter Rollins; Mentor: Ruben Petreaca

You can read more about these funds at our giving page