Molecular Genetics students present at the Denman Forum

April 1, 2016
Denman Forum
Sixteen Molecular Genetics majors presented their undergraduate research at the Denman Forum on 3/30/16, and an additional six majors took part in the Spring Expo.
Molecular genetics major Angela Davis won first place in the Biological Sciences for her project " Investigating the role of a novel microtubule-associated protein in intracellular transport in highly polarized Aspergillus nidulans cells" performed in Steve Osmani's lab
Other MG majors who were recognized with honorable mentions were Colin Packard (Jeffrey Parvin's lab), Alissa Cullen (Keith Slotkin's lab) and Ronald Fox (Anna Dobritsa's lab). 
Non MG majors who were recognized for work performed in Molecular Genetics labs were William Hines (Anita Hopper's lab, honorable mention)  and Nanki Hura (Amanda Simcox's lab, honorable mention).
Congratulations to all our students for their hard work and strong performance!