Molecular Genetics Undergraduates doing amazing things

April 14, 2017
Maya Gosztyla
Our department has amazing undergraduates! Maya Gosztyla was one of only four students at Ohio State who was honored with a Goldwater Scholarship in 2017. This is the most prestigious award for undergraduates doing research in a STEM field, and we are very proud of her!
But Maya's not the only amazing student we have. This year 30 undergraduates from the Molecular Genetics major or doing research in Molecular Genetics labs took part in the Denman undergraduate colloquium, and many of them were honored with awards:
Leymaan Abdurehman (Osmani Lab)
Prativa Amom (Dobritsa lab)
Paige Anderson (Sullivan lab)
Leah Anderson (Seeger lab)
Julia Arnold (Weiland lab)
Alicia Bao (Anita Hopper lab)
Alexandria Carter (Caliguri lab) 3rd place in "Micro and Macro Views of Biology"
Mary Chandler (Strohecker lab)
Alissa Cullen (Slotkin lab)
Angela Davis (Osmani lab)
Alexis Espinal (Fisk lab)
Helena Fox (Chamberlin lab)
Sophia Friesen (Cole lab)
Andrew Giltmier (Schoenberg lab)
Maya Gosztyla (Seeger lab)
Yannis Hadjiyannis (Leone lab)
Nanki Hura (Simcox lab)
Natalie Hurst (Fuller lab)
Molly Josifov (Simcox lab)
Jennifer Heekyung Kim (Majumdar lab)
Emily King, Emily (Yu lab)
Dale Lingo (Osmani lab)
Kareesma Parbhoo (Coppola lab)
Katja Pogacar (Grotewold lab)
Benjamin Schott (Cole lab)
Robert Smith (Chamberlin lab) 2nd place in "Genes, Proteins and Cells"
Michelle Tan (Dobritsa Lab)
Emily Teets (Amacher lab)
Manuel Torres (Leone lab) 2nd place in "Genes, Proteins and Cells"
Dennis Vroom (Christin Burd lab)