New publications by MG faculty

August 14, 2013

From Jim Hopper's lab - "Self–association of the Gal4 Inhibitor protein, Gal80, is impaired by Gal3…." is in press in Molecular and Cellular Biology. Former MG graduate student, Onur Egiboz is first author and courrent MG student Sudip Goswami is 2nd author. Former MG undergraduates Kathleen Dotts and Christie Schaeffer are co-authors. Congratulations to the J. Hopper lab!

From Amanda Bird's lab – A new paper on Loz1 has been accepted for publication in PNAS! Current MG graduate student Mark Corkins is 1st author and current graduates student, Kate Ehrensberger and former MG undergraduate, Margot May, are co-authors. Congratulations to the Bird lab!

From Anita Hopper's lab – A collaborative publication between the Engelke and Hopper labs has been published in PNAS: Pratt-Hyatt et al., "Mod5 protein binds to tRNA genes…" online July 29, 2013.