Outstanding news for December 2011

December 28, 2011
  • Congratulations to graduate student Andrea McCue, in Keith Slotkin's lab, who was awarded an OSU RNA 2011 fellowship!

  • Congratulations also to undergraduates, Jared Kusar in Harald Vaessin's lab and Anthony Kiragu, in Helen Chamberlin's lab, were awarded Arts and Sciences undergraduate research fellowships!

  • Subbulakshmi Suresh, in Steve Osmani's lab was selected as one of ten OSU graduate students nominated for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute International Student Research Fellowship. 


New high profile publications:

  • Congratulations to Iris Meier and student, Xiao Zhou whose studies on Plant KASH-SUN Bridges and their role in RanGAP Anchoring and Nuclear Shape Determination was accepted for publication in the Journal of Cell Biology.

  • Gustavo Leone and Michael Ostrowski are co-corresponding authors of a publication on reprograming of tumor microenvironment by PTEN-regulated miR-320 to be published in Nature Cell Biology, probably in January. I think this makes 5 publications for Gustavo published in Nature journals in the past 24 months, likely a new international record!!!