Recent Student Achievements

June 19, 2012


Undergraduate student winners at the Denman Forum:

Biology –3rd places
Melissa Mautel (MG), Leone lab
Ayla Cash (MG), Fisk lab
Justin Tossey (Pharm), Doseff lab
Veda Chokshi (MG), Leone lab

Health Professionals – Clinical – 2nd place
Alisha Kamboj (MG)

Health Professionals – Laboratory – 3rd Place
Carlee Schaefer (MG), Parris lab

New Undergraduate Scholarships:
MG Undergraduate Ben Hemmelgarn  in the Leone lab has won two fellowships - a Pelotonia undergraduate fellowship and an ACS Summer Research Scholarship

Thomas Byers Memorial Scholarships were awarded to undergraduates:
Michael Chang
Nathaniel Robinson

Elizabeth Wagner Scholarships were awarded to undergraduates:
Olivia Chen
Alisha Lad
Holly Paden