A record number of graduate degrees for Molecular Genetics

May 28, 2019

A record number of graduate degrees for Molecular Genetics

OSU diploma cover

The Department would like to congratulate all of the students who earned graduate degrees in Molecular Genetics labs this Spring. To the best of our knowledge, we set a new record this year, with defenses in the Spring semester! We wish you all the best of luck as you head into your next stage of life!

Students awarded Ph.D.s in Molecular Genetics:
Norman Groves (Meier Lab) "A nuclear localization signal targets tail-anchored membrane proteins to the inner nuclear envelope in plants"
David Glasbrenner (Seeger Lab) "Evolution, Expansion, and Functional Divergence of the Commissureless Protein family."
Matthew Skye Bochter (Cole lab) "Examining Delta-like Ligand Glycosylation and cis-inhibition as a Novel Mechanism to Coordinate Spatial and Temporal Notch Activity in the Segmentation Clock"
Anne M. Witzky (Ibba lab) “The regulation of elongation factor P post-translational modification in maintenanceof gene expression in Bacillus subtilis.”

Students earning PhDs in other programs:
Corinne Haines (MCDB program, Craig Burd lab) “Characterizing the role of GREB1 in regulation of breast cancer proliferation.”
Kristi Miller (MCDB program, Park lab)  Negative Regulation of Polarity Establishment in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Geeta Palsule (MCDB program, Simcox lab)  Mechanism and Functional Consequences of Generating and Processing DrosophilaRNase P RNA from an Intron
Kiel Tietz (MCDB program, Amacher lab)  Pnrc2 Regulates 3’UTR-Mediated Decay of Transcripts During Vertebrate Segmentation
Aaron Bruns OSBP program, Bisaro lab) SnRK1 Phosphorylates eIF4E/iso4E to Inhibit Translation 

Students earning MS degrees in Molecular Genetics:
Andrew Kirkpatrick (Meier lab)
Allison McClish (Hollick lab)