Ruben Petreaca appointed to OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center

September 20, 2019
Dr. Ruben Petreaca

Congratulations to Dr. Ruben Petreaca, who was recently appointed to membership in the Comprehensive Cancer Center at the James. Dr. Petreaca's research focuses on the role of chromatin structure in DNA repair using yeast as a model system, and his work has been funded by the University and by the NIH. Dr. Petreaca's teaching and research program are housed at the Marion Campus, and he is the first (and so far only) faculty member based at a regional campus to be appointed to the cancer center. We are thrilled to acknolwedge his efforts to engage students at Marion in his research program. Two of his students have been awarded Pelotonia Undergraduate Research Fellowships, and several are authors on manuscripts produced in collaboration with the Wu lab at the Columbus. Congratualtions Dr. Petreaca!