Titan Arum

August 19, 2013

A third exciting bloom at the Biological Sciences Greenhouse in 2013!

We have established a tradition of giving our blooms a great buckeye name
and this time YOU can help name it.


Visit Facebook to Name the next Titan Arum

and cast your vote for Scarlet, Sloopy, Carmen or Orton

The winning name will be announced on the date of bloom, anticipated to be Aug 21 or 22, 2013.

Media Inquiries: Sandi Rutkowski rutkowski.1@osu.edu or 292-4759

August 19, 2013 height 60.5" (+15.75" since Thursday)
Growth is beginning to slow which means bloom will open just days from now.

OSU Titan Arum on August 19, 2013

August 15, 2013 height 43.75" (+4.75 since yesterday)
Notice how much darker the spadix (central spike) has become.

OSU Titan Arum on August 15, 2013

August 14, 2013 height 39" (+4.75 since yesterday)

OSU Titan Arum on August 14, 2013


August 13, 2013 height 34.25" (+4.25" since yesterday)
You can see the orange spike of the forming fruits on our specimen "Maudine" in the background.

OSU Titan Arum emerging bud