Mark Seeger

Mark Seeger

Mark Seeger

Associate Professor


965 Biological Sciences Building
484 West 12th Avenue
Columbus, OH

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Areas of Expertise

  • Neural Development
  • Insect Molecular Genetics
  • Evo Devo

The goal of our research is to understand how complex nervous systems are assembled during development. More specifically, we want to understand the molecular mechanisms that direct proper "wiring" of the nervous system, the processes of axon pathfinding and synaptic target recognition. To address these questions we utilize Drosophila as our primary model system where we can take full advantage of a powerful array of genetic, molecular, and cellular approaches. We are also investigating how our favorite families of axon guidance cues and their receptors evolve. By investigating the expression and function of these genes in other insects, we hope to gain insights into the evolution of axon guidance pathways and developmental mechanisms in general.


Seeger Lab members:

Graduate students:

  • Laura Carver


  • Jessica Prokup



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