What is ZebraMeet?

ZebraMeet is a monthly gathering of Ohio State researchers who use the zebrafish model in their research program. We meet to hear about the latest work of our colleagues, share our breakthroughs, brainstorm ideas, and discuss big zebrafish community issues. Our meetings are open to all our OSU colleagues. Please contact Pooja Gangras or Thomas Delomas if you would like to be on the ZebraMeet email list.

When and where do we meet?

We meet once a month, on Mondays at 4 pm in the CAPS conference room in Rightmire Hall (west campus).

ZebraMeet Schedule

2017/18 Academic Year

  • September 11, 2017: Thomas Delomas (Dabrowski lab) "Is polygenic sex determination conserved in Danio?"
  • October 16, 2017: Dr. Mason Posner, Ashland University
  • November 13, 2017: Jared Talbot (Amacher lab)
  • December 11, 2017: TBA (Jontes lab)

2015/16 Academic Year

  • September 28, 2015: Kiel Tietz (Amacher lab) "Examining the rapid clearance of oscillating transcripts during vertebrate segmentation"
  • October 26, 2015: Brit Martin (Janssen lab) "Adding a new dimension to muscle studies: Functional analysis of zebrafish skeletal muscle"
  • November 16, 2015: Sharon Cooper (Jontes lab) "Understanding Pcdh19 function from brain morphogenesis to molecular adhesion properties" 
  • December 7, 2015: Alessandra Welker (Beattie lab) "Standardized orthotopic xenografts in zebrafish reveal glioma cell line specific characteristics and tumor cell heterogenity"

2014/15 Academic Year

  • October 13, 2014: Nilay Shah (Shah lab) "Zebrafish as a model of malignant transformation of the sympathetic nervous system into neuroblastoma"
  • October 27, 2014: Alessandra Welker (Beattie lab) "Modeling glioblastomas in zebrafish"
  • November 24, 2014: Kim Hromowyk (Amacher lab) "Unraveling the control and regulation of vertebrate muscle cell fusion using the zebrafish model"
  • December 15, 2014: Jamie Jontes (Jontes lab) "A role for protocadherins in organizing the zebrafish visual system"
  • January 26, 2015: Thomas Gallagher (Amacher lab) "Pnrc2 is required for rapid decay of oscillating transcripts via their 3'UTR"
  • February 9, 2015: Recap of the 2015 Strategic Conference of Zebrafish Investigators (Christine Beattie and Sharon Amacher)
  • March 10, 2015: *Tuesday* Ken Poss (Duke) is giving a MLS Seminar entitled "Natural tissue regeneration strategies" at 4 pm in 170 DHLRI. Please attend in lieu of ZebraMeet this month!
  • April 1, 2015: *Wednesday* Owen Tamplin (Harvard Medical School) is giving a seminar entitled "Live Imaging of the hematopoetic stem cell niche" at 4 pm in Wasserman Auditorium, the New James
  • April 16, 2015: *Thursday* Keith Joung (Harvard Medical School, Mass General Hospital) is giving a seminar entitled "Targeted genome and epigenome editing to study biology and treat disease" at 11-noon in 170 DHLRI
  • April 27, 2015: Brian Perkins (Cole Eye Institute, Cleveland Clinic) "Wrb functions in a TRC40-dependent pathway required for photoreceptor synaptic transmission"
  • May 18, 2015: Jared Talbot (Amacher lab)
  • June 15, 2015: Hao Le (Beattie lab)

2013/14 Academic Year

  • September 16, 2013: Arife Unal Eroglu (Henion lab) "Regulation of neural crest development requires functional interactions between hdac1, tfap2a, and foxd3"
  • October 7, 2013: Kelly Banks (Hershberger lab) "Zebrafish as a model for dilated cardiomyopathy: Grant preparations"
  • November 11, 2013: Alessandra Welker (Beattie lab) "A zebrafish model of malignant glioma: a pre-grant talk"
  • December 9, 2013: Jared Talbot (Amacher lab) "What triggers zebrafish fast muscle cell maturation?"
  • March 7, 2014 (*Friday*): Local Zebrafish Meeting @ Cincinnati Children's Medical Center, from 11 am - 7 pm (organized by Joshua Waxman). Lunch and Pizza dinner provided. There will be short talks, a poster session, a technology discussion, and lots of opportunities to interact with local colleagues.
  • April 14, 2014: Sharon Miller (Jontes lab)
  • May 28, 2014: Michael Berberoglu (Amacher lab) "Satellite-like myogenic progenitor cells and injury-induced regeneration in adult zebrafish skeletal muscle"
  • June 16, 2014: Brit Martin (Janssen lab) "Assessment of larval zebrafish skeletal muscle in vivo"

2013/14 Academic Year

  • February 27, 2013: Special Seminar at noon by Joshua Waxman (Cincinnati Childrens Hospital) "Determination of heart size in zebrafish" (note change of day and time)
  • March 11, 2013: Charles Hall (Hall lab) "A fishy epilepsy and learning model using "A-Maze-N" zebrafish"
  • April 15, 2013: Thomas Gallagher (Amacher lab) "RNA processing: setting the tempo of the segmentation clock"
  • May 20, 2013: James Jontes (Jontes lab) "Tools and ideas for use in zebrafish research"
  • June 17, 2013: Alison Lyon (Beattie lab) "Calcium binding is essential for Plastin3 function in Smn-deficient motor neurons"