Congratulations to new Pelotonia Fellows!

July 30, 2015
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We extend our congratulations to numerous members of the department who received competitive Pelotonia fellowships. These include Serena Chang (MG undergrad in the Hadley lab), Sophia Maharry (MG undergrad in the de la Chapelle lab), Jennifer Patritti Cram (MG undergrad in the Chamberlin lab), Regina Underiner (Neuro undergrad in the Christin Burd lab), Victoria Simons (Zoology undergrad in the Chamberlin lab), Joanne Hyun (Biochemistry undergrad in the Wu lab), Julian Clouse (Biology undergrad in the Leone lab), Rebecca Hennessy (BSGP graduate student in Christin Burd lab), Chris Koivisto (Comparative and Veterinary Medicine student in the Leone lab), Allison Webb (MCDB student in the Chamberlin lab), and Regina Nostramo (postdoctoral fellow in the Herman lab).