2016 Falkenthal Symposium a success

May 27, 2016
2016 Falkenthal Symposium
The annual Falkenthal Symposium was held May 24th. This year, our keynote speaker was Xuehua Zhong, who completed her graduate work in the lab of Biao Ding in 2007. Her talk titled "Epigenetic regulation of genome expression, organization, stability, and environmental interaction" gave us a lovely overview of the work her lab is doing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Third and fifth year students in the Molecular Genetics program also gave short research presentation.
The department honored several students for their work during the 2015/16 academic year.
Meredith Sigman (Slotkin lab) and Galen Rask (Dobritsa lab) were recognized for outstanding service to the department
Andrew Castonguay (Hamel lab) and Meredith Sigman (Slotkin labreceived Outstanding GTA awards
Five awards for research presentations were given:
Kara Braunreiter (Cole lab) First place in the third year
Shobhana Rajasenan (Somers lab) Second place in the third year
Kaushik Panda (Slotkin lab) First place in the Fifth year
Stephanie LaHaye (Garg lab ) Second place in the fifth year (tie)
Yao Wan (Anita Hopper lab) Second place in the fifth year (tie)
Thanks to Anna Dobritsa, Debbie Dotter, and the Molecular Genetics second year class for organizing the event, and congratulations to all!