Lab Members


Current Lab Members

Sharon Amacher

Sharon got her BA in Physiology from UC Berkeley and her PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Washington. She did her postdoctoral work with Charles Kimmel at the University of Oregon, before joining the faculty at UC Berkeley in 1999. In 2012, she moved her laboratory to The Ohio State University, where the group studies many aspects of muscle biology, using the zebrafish as a model for human development and disease. Email Sharon.

Thomas Gallagher

Tom received his BS in Genetics & Plant Biology from UC Berkeley and his PhD in Plant Biology in the Gasser lab at UC Davis. His PhD research explored the YABBY class of transcription factors that drives asymmetric development. Tom began his postdoctoral work with John Conboy at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and through a collaboration with the Amacher lab, he revealed a critical role for Rbfox-mediated alternative splicing in developing zebrafish muscle. Tom moved with the Amacher lab to Ohio State and is collaborating with Guramrit Singh's lab to explore EJC dynamics using the vertebrate model zebrafish. Tom enjoys a dual appointment, merging the biochemical expertise of the Singh lab with the developmental expertise of the Amacher Lab. Outside of research, Tom is an avid reef enthusiast and cares for a breeding pair of clown fish. Email Tom.

Pooja Gangras

Pooja Gangras

Pooja was born in India, raised in India and Indonesia. She completed her B.Tech in Genetic Engineering at SRM University, Chennai, India. She began her graduate career in Fall 2014 as a joint appointment in the Amacher and Singh labs. Her current work focuses on using biochemical approches to further understand the role of the EJC in zebrafish as well as on studying the developmental functions of EJC using the zebrafish model organism. In her spare time she likes to travel, read and dance. Email Pooja.

Lab Alumni

Former Postdocs

  • Clarissa Henry, Associate Professor, University of Maine
  • Tina Han, Technical Specialist, Cepheid
  • David Daggett, Assistant Professor-in-Residence, University of Connecticut, Storrs
  • Emilie Delaune, ENS Lyon
  • Michael Berberoglu, Visiting Assistant Professor, Valparaiso University
  • Jared Talbot, Assistant Professor, University of Maine

Former Graduate Students

Former Undergraduates (doing research for 2+ semesters and/or summer)

  • Andrew Norman, Graduate school, UCSF
  • Neha Jain
  • Jenny Lu, Physiology Masters Program, Georgetown
  • Erika Vergara
  • Thuy Truong, Graduate school, UC Berkeley
  • Omar Mohamedaly, Medical school, UC Davis
  • Wendy Durst, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Seneca Family of Agencies
  • Xiao Xu, Graduate school, Stanford
  • Pratheepa Sivaswarupan, Medical school, UCSF
  • Ilana Garcia-Grossman
  • Eric Strobl, MSTP program, U. Pittsburgh
  • Martina Desalvo, Graduate school, UCLA
  • Joshua Arribere, PhD MIT; Postdoctoral fellow, Stanford; Assistant Professor, UCSC
  • Esmeralda Aguayo, Research Associate, Gilead Sciences
  • Nicole Whitfield
  • Shaunak Adkar, MSTP program, Duke University School of Medicine; Vascular Surgery residency, Stanford University
  • Michael Goldrich, Medical school, UCSF
  • Malgorzata Liro, Graduate school, UC Davis
  • Paul Wang, MSTP program, U. Minnesota
  • John Tung
  • Rachel Leist, Veterinary Assistant
  • Anne Kalinoski, Graduate school, Ohio State
  • Marisol Gomez, Prep Scholar, University of Alabama, Birmingham
  • Thatcher Healy, NSF-REU
  • Casie Jingle
  • Swanny Lamboy, Graduate Student, MIT
  • Meghan Blunt
  • Sarah Shepherd, NSF-REU
  • Emily Teets, Blaser lab OSU
  • Cody Cummings, NSF-REU
  • Jinghan Zhao, Undergraduate researcher
  • Delia Calderon, California State Channel Islands

Former High School Students

  • Duy Phan, Undergraduate student, Johns Hopkins

Former Research Associates/Technicians

  • Jen Anderson, Research scientist, Carnegie Institution of Washington
  • Emily Janus, Website Operations Manager, Pearl Izumi
  • Thinh Huynh, Medical school
  • Nicolas Derr, Medical school, UCLA
  • Zachary Morrow, Graduate school, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Former Fish facility undergraduates (List very incomplete!)

  • Crystal Godon
  • Aniki Ismail
  • Daniel Trouten