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Current News (2019/20 academic year)

  • 26 December 2019: Rene Arvola, a joint postdoc with the Singh lab, was awarded a coveted Pelotonia Postdoctoral Fellowship - congratulations Rene!
  • 15 December 2019: Amrit and Sharon hooded Pooja and also saw Aniki in the crowd. Congratulations graduates!
    Aniki and Sharon at Graduation 2019
    Amrit, Pooja, and Sharon at Graduation 2019
  • 3 December 2019: Most of our lab and fish facility undergraduates (Ally, Aniki, Austin, Cassie, Joe, and Sydney) gathered for an end-of-year pizza party to celebrate the year. We also congratulate Aniki and Cassie, who both graduated this Fall!
  • 2 December 2019: Uyen and Sharon were joined by Monica and Rene to bring BioEYES to the rest of the 4th grade classrooms at Barrington Elementary during the first two weeks of December. We were all super impressed by this great group of young scientists!
  • 21 November 2019: Natalie, Joe, Geremy, and Monica all presented posters at the Center for Muscle Health and Neuromuscular Disorders Annual Trainee Poster Session. Lots of great interactions, as always!
  • 18 November 2019: Joe Beljan presented a poster highlighting his research on TGFb signaling in DMD at the Ohio State Autumn Undergraduate Research Festival. Great poster Joe!
  • 14 November 2019: Uyen Tram and Sharon showcased the BioEYES curriculum at the Upper Arlington State of the Schools annual event. One of the opening presentations featured a video highlighting the experience of Barrington Elementary 4th graders!
  • 14 November 2019: Pooja defended her dissertation today! She is the first Amacher/Singh lab co-mentee and she proudly wore her custom zebrafish shoes while defending and her "EJC PhD" crown post-defense. Congratulations Dr. Gangras!
    Pooja's Post Defense Party
  • 25 October 2019: Tom, René, and Monica are off to the 2019 Rustbelt RNA Meeting!
  • 25 October 2019: Recent graduate, Crystal Godon, sent word from Malaysia that she is now a biologist and team leader at Entofood, a company that bioconverts insects into animal feed and fertilizer using sustainable solutions. Congratutions on your new position Crystal!
  • 24 October 2019: Tom Gallagher gave the "Research in Progress" talk for the Department of Biological Chemistry and Pharmacology - great job, Tom!
  • 11 October 2019: A HUGE shout-out and thank you to Aquaneering for donating breeding tanks for future BioEYES visits! The generous donation arrived today! We're excited to use them in the classroom soon.
  • 9 October 2019: Look at this awesome thank you from 4th graders at Barrington Elementary!
    Barrington Elementary Thank You note
  • 2 October 2019: The Upper Arlington ThisWeek Community News highlighted BioEYES at Barrington.
  • 1 October 2019: The Columbus Dispatch wrote a great article on BioEYES at Barrington Elementary!
  • 23 - 27 September 2019: Check out these kids in action!
    Kids in the BioEYES classroom
  • Instructors in the BioEYES program
    23 September 2019: We are so excited to report the first-ever implementation of the fantastic BioEYES program in Columbus! BioEYES Science Outreach educator Rob Vary (Mr. Rob), from the Carnegie Institution for Science in Baltimore, MD, came out to work with Sharon (Professor Sharon) and Uyen Tram (Dr. Tram), to bring zebrafish and the joy of scientific discovery into two Barrington Elementary School classrooms. Fourth grade teachers Katie Benton and Kari Warkentin are remarkable and their students are full of enthusiasm! This first-ever pilot was supported by The Ohio State Department of Molecular Genetics and the College of Arts and Sciences, the Upper Arlington Education Foundation, and the Barrington PTO, and we hope to expand our outreach in the future. We are looking forward to a fantastic week!
    Children participating in BioEYES activities
  • 16 September 2019: Monica, Tom, and Sharon attended the Midwest Society for Developmental Biology meeting at Case Western University. Monica gave the second talk of the meeting and Tom presented a poster. Great meeting!
  • 11 September 2019: The Singh and Amacher labs joined forces to discuss CRISPR-mediated genome editing in genetic and model systems with two dozen members of the Columbus American Chemical Society Silver Circle Club. Zhongxia, Tom, Amrit, and Sharon gave talks, answered questions, and provided tours of the lab and fish facility.
  • MolGen Open House_Zebrafish Exhibit
    28 August 2019: Molecular Genetics Open House! Sharon highlighted the advantages of the zebrafish model system and Joe presented a poster describing his work with the zebrafish dmd mutant, a model for human duchenne muscular dystrophy. A fantastic group of freshman (as well as students from other classes) came by to learn more about the major and departmental research.
  • 27 August 2019: Geremy, Joe, and Sharon participated in the OSU/MCH week-long Myology course by offering a "Zebrafish Wet Lab" (pun intended) to 10 course participants. Participants toured the fish facility, dechorionated embryos, sorted live dystrophic embryos from wild-type siblings, and mounted embryos in agar molds for birefringence assays.
  • 22 August 2019: Grad student Monica Mannings passes her candidacy exam. Congratulations Monica!
  • 21 August 2019: MCDB student Moulisubhro Datta joins the lab for his first rotation. Welcome Mouli!
  • 19 August 2019: Postdoctoral fellow René Arvola joins the Amacher and Singh labs. Welcome René!
  • 3 August 2019: Sharon cycled 100 miles in the Pelotonia! 100% of the money raised goes toward cancer research. She's half-way to her fundraising commitment, so if you feel inspired, please click here to donate. Donations for 2019 are accepted until October 4th.
    Pelotonia participants
  • 24 July 2019: Jared's last day in the lab beforeheading off to the SDB meeting in Boston, then
  • to his newfaculty position at University of Maine. Best Fishes Jared!!
  • 19 July 2019: Delia's last day in the lab after a successful NSF-REU experience. We'll miss you Delia!
  • 12 July 2019: Kiel's last day before heading off to Minnesota to start his postdoc with Scott Dehm. Best Fishes Kiel!!!
  • 2 July 2019: The lab hosted a fish facility and lab tour for an enthusiastic group of 8 high school juniors participating in the Nationwide Children's Hospital "Mechanisms of Human Health and Disease" summer program. Everyone had a great time!

News (2018/19 academic year)

  • 9 June 2019: Jared is attending the Gordon Research Conference on Myogenesis in Lucca, Italy. He presented at the Gordon Research Seminar for early career scientists the day prior to the meeting and his talk was the one selected for presentation at the main meeting. Congratulations Jared!
  • 7 June 2019: Geremy, Joe, Monica, Natalie, and Sharon head off to University of Kentucky to attend the 8th Midwest Zebrafish Conference! Graduate student Monica Mannings won best graduate student poster, and Sarah Light, our zebrafish colleague from the Jontes lab next door, won 2nd best oral presentation. Congratulations Monica and Sarah!
    Monica Mannings Poster Award Announcement - MWZFISH 2019
  • 28 May 2019: Ally West joins the fish facility team. Welcome!
  • 22 May 2019: It's the first day for our NSF-REU student, Delia Calderon, from Cal State University Channel Islands. Welcome to the lab for the summer Delia!
  • 19 May 2019: The Hollick and Amacher labs gathered to celebrate all the folks who are moving on! Crystal graduated from OSU in early May, Kiel will be moving to University of Minnesota to start his postdoctoral position in early July, and Jared will be moving to University of Maine near the end of summer to start his new Assistant Professor position. Congratulations Crystal, Kiel, and Jared!
    Amacher Lab Photo May 201
  • 18 May 2019: The Singh labs and Amacher labs partnered again this year to present an interactive science demonstration at the 2019 WestFest Science and Technology Festival. About 450-500 community members came out to enjoy a beautiful May day soaking up science. Columbus Underground ran pre-event (has a picture from our booth last year) and post-event articles.
    2019 WestFest Crew
  • Kiel and Sharon at 2019 Graduation
    5 May 2019: Kiel celebrated Cinco de Mayo by getting hooded at graduation! Crystal graduated today too!
  • 4 May 2019: Pooja, Monica, and Sharon, together with Molecular Genetics faculty Greg Booton, Susan Cole, Anna Dobritsa, Amrit Singh, and Harald Vaessin, help staff the departmental "FUNdamentals of Genetics" booth at the first-ever COSI Big Science Celebration. Event organizers anticipated 25,000 attendees at the free public event, and although the afternoon drizzle may have kept some away, our booth was busy all day! Check out additional photos on the Molecular Genetics News page. Thanks also to Danielle, Joe, and Jared for helping collect the fish!
    "FUNdamentals of Genetics" at COSI!
  • Jared and his paper
    25 April 2019: Jared's paper, "Muscle precursor cell movements in zebrafish are dynamic and require Six family genes" now online at Development. Congrats to Jared, Emily, and all our collaborators! Click here to see Jared's beautiful movies that Development posted on their you tube channel. Jared also got the cover!
  • 17 April 2019: Joe is awarded a scholarship from the Molecular Genetics Dr. Elizabeth Wagner Scholarship Fund - Congratulations Joe!
  • 15 April 2019: Undergraduate Joe Beljan is awarded an Edward G. Mayers Summer Research Fellowship from the College of Arts and Sciences for summer research - Congratulations Joe!
  • 12 April 2019: Kiel Tietz succesfully defends his PhD thesis - Best Fishes Dr. Tietz!
    MCDB Spring 2019 Grads
  • 10 April 2019: Lab alumnus Zachary Morrow, now a graduate student at UW Madison, was awarded an NSF predoctoral fellowship! Congratulations Zach - we're so proud of you!
  • April 2019: Andrey Martinichin, Aniki Ismail, and Daniel Trouten join the fish facility team. Welcome!
  • Emily Teets Best Platform Award at OHZU conference
    23 March 2019: Recent undergrauate and lab alum Emily Teets won best oral presentation at the inaugural Ohio Zebrafish Undergraduate Research Conference (OHZU), held at Ashland University. Current student Joe Beljan presented his first poster. Congratulations to Emily and Joe!
  • 18 March 2019: Gradute student Pooja Gangras wins a 2019 Outstanding Graduate/Professional Student Leadership Award for her work with the Sankalpa student organization. Congratulations Pooja!
  • 1 March 2019: Graduate students Natalie Aloi (MCDB) and Geremy Lerma (Molecular Genetics) join the lab. Welcome Natalie and Geremy!
  • 26 February 2019: Graduate student Pooja Gangras wins a Ray Travel Award to attend the mRNA Turnover Meeting in Montreal in June. Congratulations Pooja!
  • 1 January 2019: Tom Gallagher is promoted to the Research Scientist title. Congratulations Tom!
  • 27 November 2018: Undergraduate Jinghan Zhao successfully defended her undergraduate research thesis - congratulations Jinghan!
  • 1 November 2018: Undergraduate Joe Beljan joins the lab - welcome Joe!
  • 26 October 2018: The 2018 RRM meeting is held in Columbus, Ohio! Tom Cooper is the keynote speaker this year. Tom, Pooja, Kiel, Monica, Jinghan, and Sharon attended.
  • 14 September 2018: Jared and Kiel both received travel awards and presented short talks at the Midwest SDB meeting at Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio. Jared was awarded "Best Postdoc Talk" - congratulations Jared!
  • 28 August 2018: Amacher lab participated in the 7th Annual Nationwide Children's Hospital/OSU Myology course with Jared teaching a wet lab session (pun intended) on Zebrafish confocal imaging. Thanks Jared!
  • 23 August 2018: First-ever Cole and Amacher labs joint meeting on oscilllating gene expression. Lots of great ideas and brainstorming!

News (2017/18 academic year)

  • 4 August 2018: Graduate student Monica Mannings attended the Zebrafish Development and Genetics course at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA. Monica received an MBL scholarship to support her participation in the course.
  • 20 July 2018: Postdoc Jared Talbot attended the 77th Annual SDB meeting. Jared received a travel award and presented a poster at the meeting.
  • 29 May 2018: Graduate students Pooja Gangras (co-mentored by Amrit Singh) and Kiel Tietz are off to the 23rd Annual RNA Society meeting in Berkeley, California. Both students won travel awards for the meeting - congratulations Pooja and Kiel!
  • 23 May 2018: It's the first day for our NSF-REU student, Cody Cummings from Rochester Institute of Technology. Welcome to the lab for the summer Cody!
  • 19 May 2018: The Amacher and Singh labs collaborated to present the zebrafish model and CRISPR-Cas9 technology at the 2nd Annual WestFest Science and Technology Festival. Thanks to Amrit, Zhongxia, Pooja, Tom, Jared, Kiel, Monica, Jinghan, Sharon, and Sydney for helping prepare for and interact with visitors at the event!
    WestFest Zebrafish CRISPR booth
    WestFest 2018
  • 11 May 2018: Kiel Tietz presents his work as a former Center for RNA Biology Graduate Fellow at the CMBP/CRB Annual Symposium. Great talk Kiel!
    CMBP/CRB meeting - Kiel speaking and Jinghan accepting award
  • 11 May 2018: Jinghan Zhou is awarded the first-ever Daniel Schoenberg RNA Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship at the annual CMBP/CRB Annual Symposium. Congratulations Jinghan!
  • 27 Apr 2018: Jared wins first prize in the "Art of Cancer" competition for the OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center. Congratulations Jared!
  • Art of Cancer First Prize Image by Jared Talbot
    16 Apr 2018: Emily Teets successfully defends her undergraduate honors thesis and will be graduating with Honors Research Distinction. Congratulations Emily!
  • 3 Apr 2018: Emily Teets presents her poster at the 2018 OSU Denman Undergraduate Research Forum and wins 1st prize in Cell Biology and Physiology. Congratulations!
  • 1 Mar 2018: Monica Mannings joins the lab!
  • 1 Feb 2018: Cassie Blajszcak, Syndney Crespy, and Crystal Godon join the fish facility team. Welcome!
  • 8 Jan 2018: Welcome to our new rotation student, Hari Balasubramanian!
  • 6 Nov 2017: Kim successfully defends her thesis. Congratulations Kim!
  • 16 Oct 2017: Welcome to our new rotation student, Monica Mannings!
  • Zach and Adrienne cover image
    13 Oct 2017: Pooja Gangras and Kiel Tietz give back-to-back talks at the 2017 Rustbelt RNA meeting.
  • 12 Oct 2017: Welcome to our new undergraduate researcher, Jinghan Zhao!
  • 5 Oct 2017: Welcome to our new fish facility undergraduate, Kelly McNutt!
  • 15 Sept 2017: Welcome to our new fish facility undergraduate, Michaiah Halley!

News (2016/17 academic year)

  • 4 July 2017: Zach and Adrienne's paper on T-box gene function during somite formation was accepted in Developmental Dynamics. They got the cover!
  • 21 June 2017: Tom and Kiel's paper on Pnrc2 and cyclic mRNA decay was accepted in Developmental Biology. Congratulations to everyone in the lab, past and present, who contributed!
  • 17 June 2017: Kiel and Jared both gave talks at the 2017 Midwest Zebrafish meeting, June 16-18, in Cincinnati.
  • 2 June 2017: Congratulations to Pooja and Kim for winning 1st and 2nd place in the 3rd year and 5th year oral presentation competitions at the 2017 Molecular Genetics Falkenthal symposium!
  • 30 May 2017: Welcome to our NSF-REU summer student, Sarah Shepherd, who joins us from Washington State University.
  • 16 May 2017: Pooja is awarded an OSU Center for RNA Biology fellowship for the 2017-18 academic year. Congratulations Pooja!
  • Jared's Second Place Image
    9 May 2017: Congratulations to Tom for winning a poster prize that the annual OSU CRB/MBC symposium for the second year in a row!
  • 5 May 2017: Emily Teets is awarded an Edward G. Mayers scholarship to work in the lab for the summer!
  • 13 Apr 2017: Welcome to our new fish facility undergraduate, Shannon Billinghurst!
  • 28 May 2017: Jared wins second place in the annual "Art of Cancer Research" competition for his image entitled "Eyeing the Muscle".
  • 2017 Denman Mentor Awardees
    29 Mar 2017: Jared and Sharon are both awarded 2017 Denman Distinguished Undergraduate Research Mentor Awards.
  • 10 Mar 2017: Michael's paper on adult zebrafish satellite cells is published in Developmental Biology. Congratulations to Michael and everyone in the lab who contributed!
  • 11 Jan 2017: Welcome to our MCDB rotation student, Quratalyn Ashraf!
  • 29 Dec 2016: Kim's review on muscular dystrophy modeling in zebrafish is published online - congratulations Kim!
  • 12 Nov 2016: Swanny Lamboy Rodriguez presented her summer research project at ABRCMS in Tampa, FL, and was awarded a poster prize in the Genetics and Developmental Biology category. Congratulations Swanny!
  • 30 Aug 2016: Welcome to our new fish facility undergraduate, Brieana Shook!
  • 15 Aug 2016: Welcome to our MCDB rotation student, Tyler Mendes!

News (2015/16 academic year)

  • 6 Aug 2016: Congrats to Michael and Sharon for riding in Pelotonia! Contributions welcome and accepted until early October...
  • 27 June 2016: Pooja passes her Candidacy Exam - Congratulations Pooja!
  • 31 May 2016: Jared's paper is accepted to Developmental Biology. Congratulations!
  • 23 May 2016: Welcome to our NSF-REU summer student, Swanny Lamboy Rodriguez, who joins us from the University of Puerto Rico, Humacao.
  • 18 May 2016: Congratulations to Kiel, who was selected by his MCDB program peers to give a plenary talk at the Annual IGP Symposium!
  • 15 May 2016: Welcome to our new fish facility undergraduates, Caroline Cotter, Emily Dible, and Danielle Pvirre!
  • 11 May 2016: Congratulations to Tom and Pooja, who both won poster awards at the Annual CMBP/CRB Symposium!
  • 1 April 2016: Emily Teets is awarded a scholarship from the Molecular Genetics Dr. Elizabeth Wagner Scholarship Fund to continue her research over the summer. Congratulations Emily!
  • 1 November 2015: Welcome to our new undergraduate researchers, Meghan Blunt and Mathias Wagner!
  • October 2015: Welcome to our new fish facility undergraduates, Christian Heller, Rachel McDevitt, and Allison Hernandez!

News (2014/15 academic year)

  • 8 August 2015: Michael and Sharon ride in the Pelotonia to raise money for cancer research!
  • 16 July 2015: Congratulations to Kiel Tietz for receiving an OSU Center for RNA Biology Predoctoral Fellowship for the 2015-16 academic year!
  • 7 April 2015: Welcome to Pooja Gangras, our newest graduate student! Pooja is doing a joint thesis project in the Amacher and Singh labs.
  • 1 April 2015: Welcome to our new fish facility undergraduates, Kelsey Bezaire and Ben Pham.
  • 19 March 2015: Nathan's paper is accepted to Development - congratulations Nathan!
  • 31 January 2015: Jared Talbot recives a 2015 CMHND T32 Postdoctoral Fellowship. Congratulations Jared!
  • 14 January 2015: Kim Wachholder Hromowyk receives a 2015 CMHND T32 Predoctoral Fellowship. Congratulations Kim!
  • 5 January 2015: Welcome to our new rotation student, Natalie Deans!
  • 10 December 2014: Welcome to our new undergraduate researchers, Emily Teets and Milauni Mehta!
  • 1 December 2014: Welcome to our new fish facility undergraduates, Chelsey Crosby and Dora Mao.
  • 30 November 2014: Katie Wright leaves the fish facility - we'll miss you Katie.
  • 1 November 2014: Michael Berberoglu is awarded a Pelotonia Postdoctoral Fellowship. Congratulations Michael!
  • 23 October 2014: Jared Talbot's CRISPR methods paper [pdf] is accepted for publication in Zebrafish. Congratulations Jared! Visit our website resource page for protocol updates and/or to contribute to Jared's zCRISPR blog.
  • 13 October 2014: Welcome to our two rotation students, Pooja Gangras (MG) and Krista Briedis (MCDB).
  • 13 October 2014: Welcome to our new fish facility undergraduate, Shelby Crosier.
  • 3 September 2014: Welcome to our new undergraduate researcher, Casie Jingle!
  • 26 August 2014: Welcome to our new fish facility undergraduate staff, Dustin Miller and Brittany Siegenthaler.

News (2013/14 academic year)

  • 15 August 2014: Annie Kalinoski leaves the lab to start the OSU Molecular Genetics PhD program. Good luck Annie!
  • 15 August 2014: Duy Phan leaves the lab to start his studies at Johns Hopkins. Good luck Duy!
  • 12 August 2014: Kimberly Wachholder Hromowyk passes her Candidacy Exam - Congratulations Kim!
  • 11 August 2014: Kiel Tietz passes his Candidacy Exam - Congratulations Kiel!
  • 9 August 2014: Jared and Sharon ride 100 and 50 miles, respectively in the Pelotonia. Contributions to their rides are accepted until October 10, 2014.
  • 1 August 2014: Marisol's last day in the OSU NSF-REU program, after a successful summer of research. Good luck Marisol!
  • 24 July 2014: The lab says goodbye to Nicolas Derr, who leaves to start Medical School at UCLA. Good luck Nic!
  • 14 July 2014: Welcome to our new lab technician, Zachary Morrow!
  • 5 July 2014: Big Lab Party to celebrate Nic!
  • 2 June 2014: Marisol Gomez begins her NSF-REU project in the lab. Welcome Marisol!
  • 2 June 2014: Duy Phan begins working in the lab as a technician.
  • 23 May 2014: Graduate student Nathan Shih receives his PhD hood at the UC Berkeley MCB commencement ceremony.
  • 9 May 2014: Welcome to our new fish facility undergraduate staff, Monti Taylor, Katie Wright, and Ryan Yanez.
  • 1 May 2014: Duy Phan will attend Johns Hopkins University in August 2014 and was awarded the Bloomberg Full Tuition Scholarship!!
  • 14 April 2014: Undergraduate Rachel Leist defends her Honors Thesis
  • 7 April 2014: Annie receives an NIH Distinguished Research Biology Award from Furman University
  • 11 February 2014: Annie joins the OSU Molecular Genetics graduate program (beginning August 2014)
  • 15 March 2014: Adrienne leaves for USC postdoctoral position. Good luck Adrienne!
  • 10 March 2014: Graduate student Deepika Sharma officially joins the Amacher Lab!
  • 7 March 2014: Lab travels to Cincinnati for the 1st Annual KOI (Kentucky-Ohio-Indiana) Fish Meeting
  • 1 February 2014: Annie Kalinoski re-joins the lab as Assistant Researcher
  • 1 February 2014: Graduate student Kimberly Hromowyk is selected as 2014 OSU/NCH Muscle Group Predoctoral Fellow
  • 21 January 2014: Collaborative paper with Brendan Beahm and the Bertozzi Lab accepted for publication
  • 20 December 2013: Nathan "Phinishes"!
  • 3 December 2013: Graduate student Nathan Shih gives his thesis presentation
  • 14 September 2013: Welcome Fall Party for Amacher and Hollick labs...

News (2012/13 academic year)

  • 9 August 2013: Congratulations to Jared and Sharon for riding in the Pelotonia! Donations toward our fundraising goals are welcome and accepted until October 11th.
  • 2 August 2013: Amacher lab hosts the Rightmire lab Summer Social.
  • 2 August 2013: We celebrate Annie's last official day in the lab as she gets ready to return to Furman for her senior year!
  • 3 June 2013: Welcome to our new fish facility undergraduates, Andrea Vannoy and Mark Thompson!
  • 3 June 2013: Welcome to our NSF-REU undergraduate student, Annie Kalinoski from Furman University!
  • 1 June 2013: Welcome Summer Party for the Amacher and Hollick Labs...
  • 25 May 2013: Grad student Nathan Shih arrives in Columbus for a two-week mini-sabbatical. We've missed you Nathan!
  • 4 March 2013: Our first OSU graduate students, Kiel Tietz and Kimberly Wachholder, join the lab!
  • 1 March 2013: Welcome to Adrienne Maxwell, who re-joins the lab as a postdoc after defending her PhD!
  • 1 January 2013: Postdoc Michael Berberoglu receives a postdoctoral training award from the OSU Center for Muscle Health and Neuromuscular Disease.
  • 15 December 2012: Mesogenin1 study [pdf] published in Development by grad student Adrienne Maxwell, in collaboration with Rita Fior from the Lewis and Saude groups.
  • 13 November 2012: In vivo segmentation clock imaging study published in Developmental Cell by postdoc Emilie Delaune and grad student Nathan Shih, in collaboration with Paul Francois at McGill University. Read the OSU press release.
  • 1 November 2012: Welcome to new postdoc, Michael Berberoglu PhD, from the Guo lab at UCSF!
  • 1 October 2012: Welcome to our new fish facilty staff, undergraduate Kelsey Kingrey!
  • 31 August 2012: Congratulations to Jared Talbot for receiving a 2012 Pelotonia Postdoctoral Fellowship award!
  • 10 September 2012: Welcome to our new fish facilty staff, high school student Duy Phan!
  • 1 September 2012: The Amacher lab welcomes our first OSU undergraduate student, Rachel Leist!
  • 1 July 2012: The lab moves cross-country to The Ohio State University

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