NIH funding to Anita Hopper

May 17, 2017
Anita Hopper

Congratulations to Anita Hopper whose four year grant entitled "tRNAProcessing and Nuclear-Cytoplasmic Dynamics" was recently funded by the National Institutes of Health. This work will focus on the biogenesis and trafficking of tRNAs.

Former Molecular Genetics Major Featured in Columbus Dispatch

April 17, 2017
Jesse Crow
2016 Molecular Genetics Graduate Jesse Crow was featured in a Columbus Dispatch article "Blue Jackets ‘Hats for Heroes’ patient now works as cancer researcher". Jesse first underwent chemotherapy at Nationwide Children's when she was five years old.

Pelotonia funding to Craig Burd

March 20, 2017
Craig Burd
Congratulations to the Craig Burd lab, which has been awarded a Pelotonia IDEA grant entitled "Understanding Potential Protective Effect of Female Hormones in Melanoma".

Arabidopsis in Space!

March 10, 2017
Keith Slotkin

Congratulations to the Slotkin lab, who sent a reporter line of Arabidopsis thaliana created in the lab to the International Space Station aboard the Dragon 9 capsule.


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